Back to basics: Painting 
Curator: Artemis Potamianou
18 May to 27 October 2018


"Back to basics: Painting" Press Release pdf icon

George Gyzis Untitled, 2012, 114 x 124cm, Acrylic on paper
Ioannis Lassithiotakis, Absence-Loss, 2018, 160 x 135cm Emulsion on Canvas
Jackie Berridge Lost in Space 1, 2016-17, 100 x 130 cm, Oil on canvas
Mantalina Psoma, The removal, 17, 2011, 50x60cm, Oil on canvas, Courtesy of Rebecca Camhi gallery
Marian Wijnvoord, Weather, 2015 20 x 25cm, oil on linen
Nikos Kanarelis, Three, 2017, 35x33,5 cm, Spray, oil on wood
Nicos Samaras, L.B. MIRAGE VΙ, 2017, 50 x 100 cm, Acrylic on canvas
Panos Famelis, Dark Sky, 2016, 200 x 170 cm, oil color on wood, courtesy NITRA Gallery
Vangelis Gokas, Τhe breaths inside my mind, 2016 – 2017, 5 x 4 cm, Μixed media, Courtesy of Elika Gallery




Sublime and Repress
Curator: Alexander Mood
18 May to 27 October 2018

"Sublime and Repress" Press release pdf icon

Alexander Mood (SWE), Remembrance, 2018, fine art print, 60 x 40 cm
Amélie Laurence Fortin (CAN), Self Portrait Triangle, 2018, Print, Inkjet on paper, 170x130 cm
Dan Lageryd (SWE), Kebab Dreams, 2017, video, 15 minutes. 1080p / Stereo
Artemis Potamianou (GRE), The Unknown Masterpiece: Dona Isabel, 2014, mixed media, 39x29 cm
Annelie Wallin (SWE), Slimemold Adventures, Serie 2:2, 2017, Pigment printing on acid free cotton paper, 45x69,5 cm
Mathieu Valade (CAN), Naturally Sophisticated: Gertrude Stein, 2018, Video
Ella Tahkolahti (FIN), Pantokrator, 2018, GO PRO- camera feed to 22” screen, black paint and canvas, platform sized 1x1m x 0,2m installed in a corner sized minimum 1 x 1 x 3m
Hanna Marno (FIN), Megan laughing at her own death, 2017, Resin, wood, car paint, led-light
Juje Collective (CAN), Terrestrial Nautica, 2017, Prints
Petri Saarikko/Aukea (FIN), Aukea (Expanse), 2017, high definition photo prints, 60x40 cm




What Comes Around goes Around
Andreas Marti – Solo exhibition
18 May to 27 October 2018

"What Comes Around goes Around" Press release pdf icon

The Circles in Which it Moves, 2017, wire, pigments, cordless screwdriver
We Were Here, 2014 - 17, wire, paper, soldering, pigments, cordless screwdriver
Around Around Around, 2018, photography c-print, 21 x 29,7 cm